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Logic: World of Warcraft Guild

Logic Guild on Rexxar

In the fall of 2007, we as the Logic Community made a forward decision to mobilize the active memberbase and create a unified Guild in World of Warcraft. While most of us here in Logic had some experience in WoW, we had not played cooperatively on the same realm and faction. Thus, as an attempt to play cooperatively in the lands of Azeroth, we took this route.

The goal of this page is to help educate and inform curious WoW players on who we are and how we may differ from other Guilds, as well as how they can best get plugged in. It is my hope that if you are a friendly, social, active player, that you can find a home with Logic.

Med, GM of Logic on Rexxar realm,
AKA Java, Admin of Logic Gaming

Our Guild versus Other Guilds

If you are seeking membership, or have been steered here by a friend or guildie, you may be wondering how we differ and what we offer. Fortunately we have a pretty good setup here on this website that details us. If you haven't already done so, please check out our FAQ, and Code of Conduct pages.

What you will soon find, is that Logic isn't a run of the mill guild. We have been in existence as a gaming community since 2001. What makes us so successful? Well, we started things off right. We had a firm grasp of our own unique identity, and that was that we genuinely wanted to establish relationships with other like-minded gamers. Now we believe that all people have the potential to fit in with us, but truth be told we end up being extremely selective in our recruitment process. The reason for this is that we care quite a bit about our reputation. We look for people who will gladly carry the Logic banner and set a good example for us. It can be difficult at times to find the "right" people, and for this reason it has taken us a little longer than most to solidify the numbers adequate for 25-man raiding, but we know that the time and effort, and the waiting is worth it.

The Skinny on Logic

So in short, what can you expect from us?

  • Longstanding, knowledgeable leadership
  • Stable, social and hospitable Guild environment
  • Exhaustive end-game experience through: MC, BWL, AQ40, Naxx, SSC, TK, Hyjal, BT, and currently Beta testing Wrath
  • No-nonsense raiding sensibility. Get in, get it done.

Guild Rules and Expectations

In Logic we have high standards for our people, and it is our goal to continue to achieve excellence in how we communicate with one another. For specifics on our operations, you can read up on our Guild Rules and Expectations in the WoW section of the forums. This document is kept updated as needed and it is what we hold to.


Be on Ventrilo when you are online. Period. If you're not, don't expect to get anywhere in our Guild. This includes raid invites. We want to get to know you, but you have to take the first step forward.


We do not have strict attendance per say but we expect you to be active. In fact, we will invite people to raids based on their performance and their attendance track records. The only attendance rule we have is that if you do not log on after one week, you will be removed.


We look for good players. While we are a social guild, we are serious when it comes to raiding. If you want to learn, you are still welcome, we boast an environment conducive to learning, but you need to communicate. If you don't know whats going on, you need to speak up. If you mess up, you need to speak up and tell us why. We don't want you to tell us so we can crap on you, we want to know so we can resolve the issue and move forward. Thats how we progress: with clear communication from all members. Keep quiet and continue to fail and expect not to be invited back.


We do loot council. While people say that loot council is favortism, you are right it is. We favor an item to go to a specific person based on multiple factors. We assume that you are joining our guild because you find us fair - we try to be fair with all loot decisions.


In summary this is our ideal member:
  • Someone who is friendly and social and enjoys a drama-free, mature guild atmosphere
  • Someone experienced with end-game, or who lacks end game but is willing to work twice as hard to learn
  • Someone who is on often, and active, and genuinely has a desire to see the guild prosper
  • Someone who wants a guild as a second home, and guildmates as an online family


Ventrilo is a voice chat program that we use to communicate both in and out of game. For more information on Ventrilo and how to set it up, please see our Vent Setup page. Additionally, an up-to-the-minute live view of the Ventrilo server can be seen on the Main page (while logged in).

Port: 3793
Password: None

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