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Welcome to our FAQ. This page is designed to attempt to answer any question you or your mom could possibly think of concerning our organization. Without hesitation, we want to be as informative as possible to allow you to make the right decision in joining us. You can use this FAQ in the manner you would any other, but we also developed it in that you can read it from top to bottom and end up with a clear understanding of what is going on. In any case, we hope this will alleviate some redundant questions we have seen appear on our forums in years past. :)

General Questions

Q: What is Logic Gaming?

Q: What or who is Lang?

Q: Who is in charge?

Q: What is NeedleFeast?

Q: What type of games do you play?

Q: What games specifically has Lang been involved in?

Q: How do you fund your website and gaming servers?

Q: How can I become a member?

Q: What are the requirements for membership?

Q: How long can the application process take?

Q: What is expected of me to join the community?

Q: Will I get removed from the community if I become inactive or leave?

Q: How can I help Logic Gaming?

Q: Are there positions available for specific responsibilities, like Server Admin?

Q: What access do I have to the site & servers as a member?

Q: With all that Logic Gaming offers, what do you require in return?

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