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Logic Gaming has a hierarchical organization of Officers and Admins. Each person has been given a priviledge of responsibility over a specific area and tasked with maintaining balance. We leave final decisions up to the discretion of the leader in question, thus specific action taken on a player can vary. We do however, have a mirrored set of guidelines for dealing with a rule being broken as we would with the rule itself. Repeated rule breaking from a particular person will result in a greater penalty upon said player although the rule(s) being broken will also come into play. Rules are also weighted, some worse than others (i.e. spamming our forums with porn ads would be worse than just consistently being an idiot).

Below are a general list of our guidelines. Due to brevity, we have consolidated this list into a simple format of Dos and Donts.

DOs and DONTs

The DOs

Do: Treat Others with Respect

Treat others as you would be treated. This is the most basic concept for what we expect from our players. Show respect and regard for your fellow gamers. Although this should go without saying, it is generally due to disrespect or disregard for others that one of our rules are broken and action must be taken.

Do: Socialize

In many organizations, socializing is a thing left best for off-hours or on the forums. We encourage socializing. We feel it adds to the overall gaming experience and it helps everyone get to know each other.


Don't: Be An Idiot

We all have bad days, and we all say and do things that we regret. We understand that online gaming is a social activity and with anything dealing with people there can and will be confrontation, it's unavoidable. We want to keep these occurences to a minimum. We encourage open communication between players in the hopes that it builds friendships which in turn lessens the frustration that may otherwise build up from dealing with a difficult player.

Don't: Use Excessive Profanity

We have little tolerance for potty-mouths. While the occaisional use of a four-letter word used in jest is perfectly fine, please use with exceeding caution.

Don't: Fuss at (Fellow) Members

This is a no-brainer but occaisionally we have people who just feel like being stupid. If you are directing words at a specific member who may or may not be an Admin or an Officer, just keep in mind that they help keep the ball rolling and you best have a good reason for doing so.

Don't: Troll the Forums

Trolling posts will be removed. Also, no political discussions outside the Focused Discussions board. No explicit avatars. No images in signatures. No quoting quotes.

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