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About Log!c Gaming

Log!c is an international community of gamers formed by the Lang clan in 2001. We provide gaming servers and webtools developed specifically for entertainment and interaction. Log!c is known for it's consistently friendly and enjoyable gaming environment, one which both competitive and casual gamers have come to call their home. While there are countless numbers of clans and communities out there, Log!c has created an independant identity by emphasizing the building of relationships between one another through the gaming outlet. You can read more About Us.

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A Warm Welcome

If you are new here, welcome! We encourage you to take a few minutes and see what we have to offer. Log!c Gaming differs from many other online communities in that we genuinely are interested in getting to know you. Despite this, you may have some questions that need answering. Below are a few tools that serve that purpose.


Code of Conduct


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Creating an account is the first step in getting started as an active member of our community. To create your account you must Register. If you think you have registered in the past but have forgotten your login or password, our Account Retrieval system should be able to assist you.

Log!c: WoW Guild

If you are here for World of Warcraft, please take a moment to look at the above areas to learn more about us, and then head over to our WoW Guild page to get the scoop on how our Guild operates!

Tools of the Trade

As a registered user, you will have several weapons in your arsenal to equip you as an active member in the community. Each item available to you serves a purpose. The items available to you are listed below along with a description.



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