Application: 80 DPS Warrior, Doomknight

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Application: 80 DPS Warrior, Doomknight

#1 Post by Doomknight » Fri Dec 12, 2008 7:02 am

Name: Joshua Graybill
Age: 18
Location: Templeton CA

Likes: I have a passion for creation. From a young age I enjoyed playing multiple instruments along side building. I ironically suck at singing and art though. I have a very creative mind and have written a few songs and built things ranging from desks houses. I’m also very into electronics. I’m working on turning my PS3 into one of the most badass computers around, and I enjoying tinkering a lot.
Dislikes: I don’t have a whole lot to say here, I can accept pretty much anyone as a friend. My biggest dislike is helplessness, as long as there’s something that can be done about it I can live with that.

Games Played: As far as games played there’s not a lot I haven’t played or at least heard of. I’ve always like a huge range of video games but RTS’s, RPG’s, and FPS’s have always reigned my favorites. World of Warcraft and Call of Duty 4 are my two main games atm.

How I Found Out About Logic: My friend Gregoriar is constantly bragging about your guild to me. I hadn’t heard of you before but he’s definitely sold me on Logic.

Biography: Well I’m 18 and I currently live at my Mom’s in CA. I’m going to a local college and working. I have two different jobs. The first I’ve been working for 5 years, my own landscaping business I started when I moved to this are my Freshmen year of HS. I really like the work I do and have expanded my business a lot over the years. I have multiple employees and the work is flexible to my life, including raid times. The other job is night crew at Spencer’s Fresh Markets, a local grocery store. I just recently received this promotion and its gone form a night crew to more of a afternoon crew. I work 1 day a week and the weekends, 9 hour shifts, usually anyway. I play wow in my free time and enjoy hanging out with friends IRL and online. I lived with my dad for the past two years but he moved away to earn his masters degree. My parents are separated, neither currently re-married. I don’t spend much time at home and play at friends houses often. I’ve gotten all of my friends to join wow so this is a place we like to meet up when we don’t have time IRL.

Why I Should Be a Member: I think I can add to your guild. Besides being a good DPS Warrior I pay attention in raids and do what needs to be done. I don’t pick fights within guild or cause problems. I listen to what the GM and Officers say and I know my place. I work hard and am wiling to do research on fights if necessary. I’m not going to be some punk who thinks he knows everything and I know how to play my class. On top of that I know how to think for myself, I can figure out things I didn’t know quickly. If were doing a brand new fight I approach it logically and will fulfill whatever role possible in every raid. That’s why I think I should be a member.

WoW Specific
Character Name: Doomknight
Class/Spec: Warrior, DPS
WoW Experience: I’ve been playing wow for 3 years but only had my own account for 1. I used to share an account with my friend and I experienced all of Pre BC on his account. I always loved warriors so when another friend gave up the game he gave me his account. It seemed like time for my own so I took it and leveled Doom to 70. I guild hoped a lot and don’t remember most of them. During this time I experienced TK, SSC, and BT. After a while I lost interest in PVE and entered Shinigami. It was just a couple of friends and we pvped together and just chilled. I had some raid experience and the GM decided he wanted to try Kara for some gear. We ended up going from Kara to Hyjal in a matter of a few months. When the GM Crazyninsane quit the game the guild was reformed as Mythology under Cobretti who had helped us get into Hyjal and Velind the Vice-Captain in Shini. I’m still in Mythology but I’m unable to make most raid times and am looking for a new guild seeing as all my friends have left. Its hard to leave a guild I’ve been with since Step 1 but it’s the combination of changes that has led me to. So I’ve been in every instance except Sunwell and downed almost every boss in them multiple times. I have not done Illidan or all of ZA but other then that I’ve cleared BC. In Wrath I’ve been running heroics and have cleared Spider wing in Naxx. I’ve also downed Sartharion.

Why you are looking to join: I want to join because I’ve heard a lot about you guys form Gregoriar. I’ve moved on form my current guild, Mythology, since I can’t make most raids and most of those I knew have left. The guild is much different than it used to be and with the sporadic, unrefined recruiting, kicking, and drama I feel its time to move onto a mature raiding guild.

Our raid times are 6 server, does this work for you?
I can make this most days of the week, at times work conflicts but its mostly weekends.
We require all members to use Ventrilo at all times, is this acceptable?
Have you read our FAQ, Conduct, and WoW Guild page?
Yes ... Doomknight

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Re: Application: 80 DPS Warrior, Doomknight

#2 Post by slophil3 » Fri Dec 12, 2008 7:22 am

What else can I say....I've been real life friends with him since high school, he got me into the game, as one of my best friends both in game and out, I'd say Josh is a fit for the guild.

He would tell me how he missed shinigami's "brotherhood" type atmosphere where everybody knew each other on a more personal level, and how we had fun playing together instead of just meeting to kill things and get loot.

He's a very competitive dps warrior who is always on the top of charts, although his gear does not show that due to the favoritism of mythology that did not allow certain people to raid(aka ex-shinigami; the people that allowed their guild to merge), thereby resulting in lesser gear for the time being.

Nonetheless I think he would be an excellent contribution to the guild not only as a warrior that raids well and performs on the charts, but as a person in the guild he'll make friends with everybody.

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Re: Application: 80 DPS Warrior, Doomknight

#3 Post by Java » Fri Dec 12, 2008 8:55 am

Hi Josh.

I think you had to endure that HoL pug a few weeks back with the "Superiority" folks and myself. Im sorry.

Hit me up in game to schedule an interview.
Join our Slack channel. Send me a PM with your email address for an invite.

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Re: Application: 80 DPS Warrior, Doomknight

#4 Post by SGT_OKINAWA » Fri Dec 12, 2008 7:44 pm


Good luck with the application.

Peace! 8)
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Re: Application: 80 DPS Warrior, Doomknight

#5 Post by Enclose. » Mon Dec 15, 2008 11:47 am

Welcome to Logic Boards. Good Luck with your app.

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Re: Application: 80 DPS Warrior, Doomknight

#6 Post by Dablaze » Mon Dec 15, 2008 4:02 pm

Good luck bro.