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Skulnick 80 DK

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Name: Brian
Age: 23
Location: Lodi,NJ

Likes: I'm a sports fan who enjoys just having fun with anyone in anyway possible with people i enjoy
Dislikes: Drama inside and outside of wow

Games Played: Before Wolk came out i was playing fable 2 and fallout 3,both i have beaten and since Wolk came out nothing has taken my attention away from it

How I Found Out About Logic: When i started doing instances at 80 i grouped with a couple logic members and it was one of the more smoother,enjoyable runs i have done as a dk

Biography: At the current moment i am a student attempting to get my degree in Psychology with a computer animation minor.i work part time for a shipping company that ships mechandise to all the locals malls and what not. I have been recently promoted to second in command of one of the shipping bays after being a truck driver/filling up the trucks for almost 2 years and now basically handle all the paper work and sometimes drive a truck. I am a psy major though because i am interested in how people think and why they think certain ways and other thoughts along those lines. The comp animation minor was basically taken in part of trying to learn how animated movies and games are made and to see some of the process involved in making them

Why I Should Be a Member: I am a experienced player at wow.although my exprience may not be that vast with my death knight, i have been playing wow since it first came out on my paladin. I have seen it all from VC to KJ on my pally and i always came prepared with reagents,food,oils,flask and elixirs and came prepared to enjoy it it all and just made fun out of it anyway possible. I never went into a boss fight without atleast reading 1 strat on the boss so im did not go in totally blind as to what to expect

WoW Specific
Character Name: Skulnick

Class/Spec: i.e. Death Knight/ Unholy

WoW Experience: On my paladin i have done everything you could do Pre-lk. On my DK i have only done the lvl 80 instances both tanking and dpsing. more dps though recently

Why you are looking to join: I am leaving not just a guild but a entire server behind. Since day 1 i was on Destromath and was in 5 guilds that i can remember atm. I am leaving it because it was a west coast server so raids did not start till 9 my time and end around 1 or 2 am so moving to a server where the time difference is only 1 hour was a factor in leaving the server. The last guild that i was in and still in on my paladin was Crisis who i have only been on a couple times since LK came out. I am looking to join Logic because I am looking for a guild where i can raid and also have fun. On the couple of runs i have done with logic members its was just that.

Our raid times are 6 server, does this work for you? Yes this works perfectly fine,thats 7 my time and all work and school is done way before that

We require all members to use Ventrilo at all times, is this acceptable? Yes i have been using vent for years.

Have you read our FAQ, Conduct, and WoW Guild page? Yes i have ... n=Skulnick i am more then likely in my dps gear but my tanking gear is ok but im could be better and i am trying to improve by running instances,im at about 504 defense atm and trying to improve if needed to tank
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Re: Skulnick 80 DK

#2 Post by SGT_OKINAWA » Sun Nov 30, 2008 9:33 am


Good luck with the application and post in the forums more stuff you like to do, or comment on some other posts in the GD section.

Peace! 8)
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Re: Skulnick 80 DK

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Get with me in game to schedule an interview.
Join our Slack channel. Send me a PM with your email address for an invite.