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Fury warrior:Nightshark

#1 Post by nightshark » Thu Nov 13, 2008 5:37 pm

Name: Andre
Age: 27
Location: Manchester,NH

Likes: well i like playing WoW of course,spending time with my son,he brings out the best in me,watching the patriots,spending time with my friends when we both have the time to.
Dislikes: i don't like my car its a piece of crap but hey it gets me from point a-b for now.a list of variety of foods like onions,squash,turnup i think u get the idea.

Games Played: Only game i am playing at this time is WoW was into halo but was getting bored of that to many modders and etc.so now most of my gaming is going to WoW.

How I Found Out About Logic: i found out about Logic threw a friend of mine which is currently in your guild his character name is Daystarz,I've known Daystarz for 8-9 years now.

Biography: well lets see well i already told u my age and name and currently living in Manchester,NH been living there for bout 23 yrs now,also lived in Lynn,MA with g/f for a little bit but now back in Manchester,we've currently have been living with each other for 2 yrs now going on 3,we've been a couple for 6 yrs,i proposed to her at our baby shower,and speaking of baby we have a 17 month old boy his name is Aiden he was born at 6lbs 6oz 19 in long, alot of people say he looks like me and i absoulutley agree with them he's my mini me lol.lets see oh yeah my job well i am working at a company called Sanel auto parts in which i deliver parts for,for all those repair shops out there,been at this job almost 2 yrs now.my favorite food is pizza,chicken tenders-> depends on certain places,spagheti,corn chowder,mac and cheese with hot dogs and ketchup mmmhmmm.favorite movies consist of blade,fight club,stomp the yard,saw series.tv shows consist of family guy,simpsons,futurama,dbz when it was on,trueblood,lost.

Why I Should Be a Member: well i am looking to be a member for a couple of reasons 1.being cause my friend is in the guild and i thought it would be cool to be in the same guild again. 2. looking for some new players to get to know and learn how they play and interact with each other.overall i jut heard it was a great guild to be in and i would like to have the oppertunity of being in such a great guild.

WoW Specific
Character Name: Nightshark
Class/Spec: fury/ i have some prot gear
WoW Experience: well ive been playing wow for almost 2 yrs now,my friend introduced me into WoW and ive been hooked ever since,well i just currently moved realms i just came from the realm suramar,which i was in a guild called Soul Assassins,which was a newly formed guild which was merged with another guild,and since then weve accomplished so much.i have exp in kara,mags,gruuls,ssc,tk,bt,mh,and some za.
Why you are looking to join: well i just moved to this realm wanting to try something new,and i am currently guildless at the moment.

Our raid times are 6 server, does this work for you?yes
We require all members to use Ventrilo at all times, is this acceptable?yes

WoW Armory link to your character(s) will help speed up the process. http://www.wowarmory.com/character-shee ... Nightshark

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Re: Fury warrior:Nightshark

#2 Post by SGT_OKINAWA » Fri Nov 14, 2008 10:10 am


I don't play wow.

However if you PM Lang member beni, he can tell you all about the wonderful world of ketchup and mustard.

Good application, I wish you the best of luck on the application.

Peace! 8)
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