Druid App: Sartee

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Druid App: Sartee

#1 Post by Sartee » Sun Nov 09, 2008 11:47 pm

Name: Jared
Age: 16
Location: Summit, NJ

Likes: Just about any game, kind and reasonable people, and puzzles (or anything that makes me think for that matter)
Dislikes: People who are disrespectful and cannot follow rules

Games Played: Computer: World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Warcraft 2 and 3, Spore
Console: Snes and N64 games, CoD4, Resistance, TF2, Portal

How I Found Out About Logic: I heard about Logic through Adondris, and only of good things

Biography: The first video games I started playing were on the N64, but I shortly moved to Starcraft (one of the only games for Macs at the time). If I do not know something, I try to learn about it. I always welcome a challenge, trying my best to succeed in whatever it is. Slight OCD, but it usually has a positive effect on what I do.

Why I Should Be a Member: I try to help people rather than myself in all matters, in raiding not just speccing for me but so my group gets the most of out me being there. I also try as hard as I can to put forth my full effort in whatever I do.

WoW Specific
Character Name: Sartee
Class/Spec: Druid, Feral (currently geared for dps and survival)
WoW Experience: I did ZG, AQ20, and MC pre-bc, finished Kharazan, SSC, most of TK, most of ZA, and Hogger
The most recent raiding guild that I have been in was Emerald, which I left due to arrogant, rude, and ignorant people. Also time became more of an issue, 6-8 hours of playing every day is a bit consuming.

Why you are looking to join: Currently I am in a friend's alt guild, looking for a bit more activity and people to do things with, especially when Wrath comes out

Our raid times are 6 server, does this work for you? Yes
We require all members to use Ventrilo at all times, is this acceptable? Yes

WoW Armory link to your character(s) will help speed up the process.
http://www.wowarmory.com/character-shee ... r&n=Sartee

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Re: Druid App: Sartee

#2 Post by Aurria » Mon Nov 10, 2008 12:05 am

Nice app i like how thorough it is. Im just wondering if i didnt miss it or not but can you drive yet? Only a few more months till i can get my permit and im way too excited. Good luck on the app and nice gear! :D

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Re: Druid App: Sartee

#3 Post by SGT_OKINAWA » Mon Nov 10, 2008 9:39 am

Weak application, we want to know more then just
PC and game stuff, Lang is FRIENDS, not a single
game or application, as you can see; I DON'T play
Wow, but hang with the .Lang for the fun and to
have a place to go to hang out and stuff.

Please let us know more about you, got a girlfriend,
brothers, sisters, etc.

What do you like to eat, what are some other things
you do besides play games.

Have you ever broken a bone in your body, real world NOT

Get the idea, ... ?

Okay well, hope you post some more, and don't forget to
Personal Message Lang member beni, he likes to get PM's
from the new people and ask questions about his lifestyle.

Good luck with the application!

Peace! 8)
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