ozzyfuller application to guild

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ozzyfuller application to guild

#1 Post by ozzyfuller » Thu Oct 16, 2008 1:38 pm

Name: First NameJames
Age: Your Age42
Location: City/State Clyde Ohio

How I Found Out About Lang: Give us a little information on how you heard about us. If you found out about us from another site, please list the site. If you had a friend, or another member recommend you to us, make sure to mention them. I ran with you guys on a run threw first 2 bosses of tk and was impressed with the ease and knowledge of your raid leader. I know toastnator, hes a good guy!!

Which Games I Play: Tell us what games you are currently playing, and what games you expect to be playing within one year's time. Wow is the only game i polay, addicted is the word there !!! LOL!!!

WoW Experience: If you are applying for WoW make sure to give us a little information on your experience (raiding etc).Been a wow player for almost 3 years have raided all pre bc and did kara, gruuls, mags, some ssc and some tk experience!!

Likes: We'd like to know what you like.! love metal music, i am a big Black Label Society fan and live by their moto. S.D.M.F.( strength, determintation, merciless forever!!) I am an oldschool style player and i do as I am told in a raid. I am very loyal to the point of not giving up until everyone bails on a run!! I want to have fun and make new friends while trying to achieve my goals in this game.

Dislikes: We'd also like to know what you don't like.I really dont like people who act like know it alls or think they are god types in this game or real life. Just chill and have a good time , but raid time is serious game time!!

Biography: This is a good chance for you to take sometime and help us get to know you, and see where you're coming from. Make sure to put a little work into this.coming from the player stand point of wanting to progress and make myself and my main the best they can be. Yet i really dont want to step on peoples toes and make them feel unimportant either. I am always on this game, wow is my addiction, lol!!!!! Im a serious player, but I like to joke around on vent like everyone else.

Why I Should Be a Member: This isn't a trick question, and we're not looking for anything specific from this. We genuinely want to see why you feel you should be a member. Loyalty and dedication. I am always here for any guild ive been in, was in my last guild for over 2 and half years. I come to a raid when i say and I will never bail on you all!! Ill stick it out with you. I am looking for a home that is good to it members and a place where i know ill be wanted. Not somewhere who boast we are the leet and then come to find out you have snobs or complete asses running the guild and only the budddy rule applys!! I want is a chance to prove my worth to you, i know toastnator and know he wouldnt steer me wrong with you guys. Thank you for your time and effort in this matter and hope to hear from you soon!

ozoholic-alt :o

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Re: ozzyfuller application to guild

#2 Post by SGT_OKINAWA » Thu Oct 16, 2008 1:43 pm

ozzyfuller wrote:I really dont like people who act like know it alls or think they are god types in this game or real life. Just chill and have a good time , but raid time is serious game time!!

Welcome James!

Enjoy your stay, key to getting in the clan, post a lot, post a whole lot!

Good luck with the interview and application.

Peace! 8)
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Re: ozzyfuller application to guild

#3 Post by Java » Thu Oct 16, 2008 4:41 pm

Join our Slack channel. Send me a PM with your email address for an invite.